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There are several accommodation options in Castelló:


Accommodation directory

This is a public on-line database designed to help members of the University community find accommodation. Run by InfoCampus, it serves as a meeting point for potential tenants and owners, who can use this service to advertise property they are willing to rent. The accommodation conditions and the rent contract must be agreed upon by the owner and the tenant.

The Universitat Jaume I cannot be held responsible for the state of the premises or the behaviour of the tenant. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the UJI respond to any complaints related to these matters.

Accommodation search

Posting an accommodation advertisement

If you wish to include the details of property to be rented or shared in the accommodation database, you must have a UJI username and password.

That means that if you are not a member of the university community you must register to obtain a username and password. Click here to register.

If you are not a member of the university community and are already registered but do not remember your username or password, click here (you will be texted or e-mailed your username and password within 24 hours of requesting it or, if that day is a holiday, on the first working day following your request).

Access to the accommodation advertisements posting form

* The database is moderated, so it must be approved by the administrator before it is published on the website. Advertisements will be posted for one month. If you wish to keep an advertisement for longer, you must renew it by accessing the form. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at habitatge@uji.es.


Halls of residence

Campus Hall of Residence

This is open all year round and offers approximately 250 individual mini-flats for Universitat Jaume I students, as well as a few for teachers. The residence is on the University campus.

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Other halls of residence

Mare de Déu del Lledó Youth Hall of Residence
Domus Mariae


“Solidarity flats” programme

This coexistence programme is an initiative of the Universitat Jaume I, Castelló City Council and the Housing Institute. It offers free accommodation in exchange for several hours of educational work per week helping improve conditions in a neighbourhood, allowing participants to learn from and be in touch with the neighbourhood’s everyday life and situation. The aim of this programme is the transmission of the values of solidarity, living together and social integration.




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