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The main objective of this course is to obtain an overview of the latest disciplines and applications in “Work & Organizational Psychology (WOP)” and “Positive Organizational Psychology (POP)”. Besides that, there are a set of secondary objectives intended to be reached at the end of this course such as understanding basic models and theories in Work & Organizational Psychology (WOP) and Positive Organizational Psychology (POP); experiencing the implementation and real-life functioning of Healthy and Resilient Organizations in different sectors in Spain and the Valencian Community; engaging on a first-hand basis with the latest advances in the applied science of POP through different intervention protocols and developing a toolkit of applied strategies and resources to enhance wellbeing as a student and/or as a future professional.

Dr. Josefina Peláez Zuberbühler is the academic director of this course. Peláez has a Phd in Psychology (cum laude, UJI), specialized in work & organizational psychology, occupational health psychology, positive psychological interventions, strengths-based coaching and positive leadership development. She is a lecturer in the master of work, organizational, and human resources psychology, and the master of applied positive psychology at UJI.

The course duration is 60 hours organized in 3 different modules (4 hours per day/ 5 days a week, including study visits):

Course Schedule
Week 1: Module 1: Work & Organizational Psychology (WOP): An introduction

Josefina Peláez

Isabella Meneghel

Enrique Ovejas

Vicente González-Romá

Marta Villarino

Week 2: Module 2: Positive Organizational Psychology (POP)

Marisa Salanova

Josefina Peláez

Alma Rodríguez

Marisa Sancho 

Ari Gómez

Weeks 3 and 4: Module 3: Practical Applications of Positive Work and Organizational Psychology

Susana Llorens

Cristián Coo

Josefina Peláez

Arí Gómez

Jonathan Peñalver

Eva Cifre

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*Every course can be modified and adapted to specific requirements


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