Seminari específic: "Corpus Linguistics for Language, Literature and Translation Studies"

20/01/2021 | InfoCampus



Professora: Dra. Sara Laviosa
Títol: Corpus Linguistics for Language, Literature and Translation Studies
Duració: 10 hours
Data: 1-5 de febrer de 2021 de 16 a 18 h
Resum: Corpus linguistics is an approach to descriptive and applied language studies, which is based on a distinctive set of theoretical principles and related methods for analysing computer corpora. Corpora are collections of authentic unabridged texts or whole sections of text held in electronic form and assembled according to specific design criteria. Since the start of the new millennium, the technological revolution has contributed significantly to the development of corpus linguistics. The findings obtained by corpus studies are systematically organized in new descriptions of language use which feed into linguistic theory where concepts and language models are confirmed, refined or modified to explain the phenomena empirically observed. Hypotheses are continually put forward and tested with improved resources, methods and tools to produce robust linguistic accounts which are then further elaborated in various applied fields. Many areas of language studies have been influenced by the insights and analytical techniques of corpus linguistics (see McEnery et al. 2006; Crystal 2019 for an overview). This module considers three major research domains where corpora have had a considerable impact, namely English language studies, stylistics and literary studies, and translation studies. The module is organized into five units and has a three-part structure: history of corpus linguistics, current developments, and future directions.

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