A crash course in English pronunciation for interpreters

Última modificació: 09/01/2018 | Font: TRAD

Data : 12, 18 i 23 de gener de 2018 

Acte: A crash course in English pronunciation for interpreters

Lloc: Laboratori d'Interpretació (HC2020Al)

horari: d'11 a 13 h.(6 hores classes presencials i 4 h. de treball autònom)

Impartit per: María Lluísa Gea Valor, Universitat de València,

Nombre de places: 20 màxim

Organitzat per: María Jesús Blasco Mayor


This intensive course will focus specifically in those phonetic and phonological aspects of English that need to be mastered in professional interpreting, and therefore will combine typical presentations and lectures and practical exercises and activities on the following:

 Importance of good pronunciation. Letters and Sounds. Main English accents. Typical pronunciation mistakes. Articulation of consonants, vowels and diphthongs. Silent letters. Consonant clusters. Weak forms. Word stress. Sentence stress. Connected speech. Rhythm and intonation.

Informació proporcionada per: Departament de Traducció i Comunicació