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    FAQ: Frequently asked questions for incoming exchange students

    Before arriving to Castelló

    During my stay at Castelló

    Before arriving to Castelló

    1. Where is Castelló and Universitat Jaume I?

    The city of Castelló de la Plana is located between the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Castelló is the northernmost province in the Valencian Community, 65km. to the north of Valencia and 285km. to the south of Barcelona.

    It is possible to arrive to UJI from the airports in València (65km. away), Reus (120km.), Barcelona (285 km.), Alacant/Alicante (231km.) or Madrid (415km.). From these points there is a regular bus and railway service  (http://www.renfe.es/).

    How to get here: http://www.uji.es/UK/content/inst/634059-634098.html

    2. When and how do I get in touch with Universitat Jaume I?

    OCIE, the International Relations Office is in charge of your registration and providing assistance and guidance for arrival, accommodation, orientation, and welcoming into Universitat Jaume I. You will have to pre-register in our university by filling-in an on-line form before June the 1st and November the 1st for each semester. After that, if your home university has sent us an official e-mail or letter with your nomination as a prospective exchange student, you will receive a letter from us with all the information and documents necessary for your stay. Then you should follow all the instructions. These documents will allow you to fully register in UJI and get in touch with your academic tutor.

    3. Where do I have to go first when I arrive at University Jaume I?

    You must visit and sign in at the OCIE -International Relations Office-. We are located in the building adjacent to the Library, in the ground floor and next to Infocampus, and our office hours are from 9 to 14:30. We will organize an orientation and leisure programme at the beginning of each semester.
    You will find further information about OCIE on the following internet address: http://www.uji.es/serveis/otci/

    AEGEE association can also provide you with information about lodging and organized activities for exchange students. AEGEE is located at Consell d’estudiants building, next to the pizzeria on the 1st floor. You can also e-mail them: aegee_castellon@yahoo.es

    4. What are the main services I will be in touch with?

    a.      OCIE: your main contact point. Location: building adjacent to the Library.
    b.      CAL: organizers of the Spanish courses. Location: Library Building, basement floor.
    c.      Infocampus: private accommodation and general information of the university. Location: building adjacent to the Library.
    d.      Residencia Universitaria Campus: accommodation on campus. Location: behind the Sports Centre.
    e.      AEGEE: student association in charge of the foreign students . Location: in front of Pizzeria Agora.

    5. How do I find accommodation?

    You have two options:


    6. What do I have to bring to Castelló?

    1. ID or passport
    2. Health insurance: European health card (E-128) or private insurance.
    3. Money (a minimum of 400€ per month)
    4. Documents of my scholarship, the residence or accommodation
    5. Maps of Castelló and UJI guides.
    6. Clothes for cold weather (from December to February)
      Clothes for hot weather (from May to September)
    7. A suitcase full of good humour, and a strong desire to study and live a unique experience!!!!

    7. How and when do I have to apply for the Spanish course?

    You have to pre-register on-line at http://www.preinscripció.uji.es/ approximately from June the 15th for the first semester, and from October the 1st for the second semester, well before the start of each course. Erasmus students have a small discount on these courses.

    8. When and how do I have to do my registration/matriculation?

    You will register through our website http://e-ujier.uji.es/ after receiving the first letter from us. You will receive our letter once you pre-register in our university.

    In that letter, you will receive your username and password by post so that you can continue to fully register on-line within UJI and meet  on-line your academic tutor, with whom you will decide the subjects you will study here.

    Approximate deadlines:

    1st semester

    2nd semester


    June 1st

    November 1st


    September 1st

    January 1st

    Full enrolment

    November 20th

    April 20th

    9. How can I find my Spanish tutor?

    Actually, you will get in touch with him before your arrival to Castelló by doing the enrolment.

    10. Where can I find the lectures I want to take at University Jaume I?

    In the electronic catalogue of the university http://lleu.uji.es/ you can find information about timetables, teachers, exams, description of subjects, etc. (information now available in English).

    You can read a description in English of our degrees and subjects in http://www.uji.es/UK/basic/estudis/titulacions/

    11. What are the languages used in teaching?

    Lectures are mainly given in Spanish, however 18% of the classes are taught in Catalan. At http://lleu.uji.es/ you can find out what language uses each teacher by clicking on his/her name. There are now certain subjects taught in English (PDF).

    12. How can I meet other exchange students?

    Join our Web forum Inter-canvia't to meet other exchange students like you.
    http://www.myerasmus.com, meet Erasmus students from all over Europe
    http://www.universia.es/servicios/chat/   Universia chats

    http://www.aegee.uji.es   Take part in their activities for international students

    During my stay at Castelló

    1. What do I do when I first arrive to Castelló?

    2. Is there any students’ association which helps exchange students at Universitat Jaume I?

    Yes, indeed. It is AEGEE and they are willing to help you when you first arrive to Castelló, and will also cater for your social live with several activities.

    http://www.aegee.uji.es, mailto:aegee_castellon@yahoo.es

    3. What other activities offers Universitat Jaume I?

    As a student in our university, you will be able to register at very cheap rates in our Sports Centre, in a number of sport activities and courses. Furthermore, the university has other cultural associations such as the university choir, the chamber orchestra, and a theatre group. Check out the Socio-cultural Activities Service.

    4. What can I do during my leisure time in Castelló?

    We suggest you the following web pages in which you will find additional information about Castelló and its community.

    5. Useful information from previous Erasmus students in Castelló.

    You will find here helpful opinions and experiences from previous international students in Castelló. Experiences

    Internet discussion forums:

    6. What about transport within the city?

    There are several possibilities for this. A first option is on foot. As Castellón is a medium-sized city, everything within the city center can be reached on foot. Another option is to rent a bike with the Sports Centre. You will see that most Spanish students take the bus to come to the Universitat Jaume I. The easiest thing to do is to buy a bono (4€ for 10 trips). You get on the bus and ask for a bono. You will pay 7€ (4 for the trips and 3 as a warranty for the card). If you are planning to take the bus every day, you can buy a bono for a larger amount of trips. Bus lines can be found on the little map you will be given on your first day in Castellón.  Very soon a new tram will be working regularly from Ribalta Park past the train station to the campus.  We are all looking forward to it as it will facilitate a lot the transport between the city-centre and the campus.

    7. Approximate monthly expenses

    Per month









    Spanish/Catalan courses


    8. What else?

    If you still have more questions, you can read the International Student Guide that we have produced; it is an English-written guide for foreign students about Universitat Jaume I. If you still need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    OCIE, September 2007

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