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The UJI is developing a web platform to facilitate communication to immigrants in a court of law

Imatge notícia

The research-action project JUDGENTT, led by the Textual Genres for Translation research group from the Universitat Jaume I (http://www.gentt.uji.es/) have developed a web platform with documentary, textual and terminological resources which, with the aid of information technology, will improve the work processes for translation and interpreting professionals, and allow immigrants to understand and to make themselves understood before a court of law – one of the most difficult situations for a foreigner in a strange land.

The tool was created in order to change the modus operandi of legal translations and, at the same time, foster the communication of immigrants in this type of situation. The project will contribute to the integration of immigrants , will allow the modernisation of administrative processes and will improve the professional image of of linguists and translators.  

The platform includes everything from multilingual glossaries to schemas of legal systems from different countries (Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Germany amongst others), such as lists of documents subject to translation in legal institutions. 

The project has been developed based on the socio-professional needs of legal translators in the Legal Tribunal of the Valencian Community (TSJCV), after detecting that no infrastructure existed that was suitable for specialised translation tasks to be carried out.

The preliminary study found that applied translation tools were no being used, but that text translation was being done by hand and then sent to other institutions by fax. The research team created a census of legal translators in order to analyse their work, with the aim of determining the real shortages and needs of these professionals. 

The investigation, the objective of which is to break through the language barrier and make communication between professional legal translators and immigrants easier, forms parts of the “Formalisation of textual behaviour patterns for the management of multilingual documentation” project, subsidised by the Ministry for Science and Innovation for the period 2010-2013

In the project, led by legal translation professor Anabel Borja, university staff collaborate with specialists in information technology, law, statistics and librarianship. The information sections for immigrants have been developed by researchers Denisa-Karla Anusca, Roser Sánchez Castaño, Brígida Rodrigo de Castro, Susana Diaz Pore and Marta Zomeño Pérez, and will be presented in July, during the VIII Jornadas de Traducción Jurídica which will take place in the Universitat Jaume I.

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